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About SR

Sport Rustenburg is a website dedicated to facilitating communication, growth, progress and progression in the Rustenburg sport environment, it is not a commercial website, it is an independant community website specifically for the sport loving community of Rustenburg.

SR is not here to try to run the sport of Rustenburg, the infrastructures of sport already exist, it is simply a website to facilitate growth and help improve on the already existing infrastructure. SR is a website for all the people of Rustenburg who have any interest whatsoever in any form of sport, not only for athletes, clubs and governance, but also for the hobbiests, amateur sportsmen and -women, schools, venues, gyms and importantly the fans.

The way sport works is through fans. Without fans, sponsorships and media exposure, our favourite sports and sport-stars would not be where they are today. By providing an environment for exposure, discussion, and information we can grow, be entertained, build friendships and strengthen our communities. Importantly, we can get butts in seats for our events, give exposure to those who have earned it, support those who have inspired us, and give help to those who need it.

This is about OUR sport.

Everyone is hereby invited to participate in this forum website. Clubs, schools, venues, gyms, individuals and fans are all invited to make use of the facilities and specific channels can be opened in the forum for any groups, the only requirement being that it is sport-related.

Affiliations is not affiliated with any organisations, political parties, religious groups or governmental departments, it is a privately owned independant website.

Ownership is owned and run by Warren Gardiner since 2016.
"Born in 1975 and lived in Randfontein initially, I have been a permanent resident of Rustenburg since roughly 1986, and except for a few years at university in Pretoria, I have spent most of my time here. I have participated in squash, cycling, and a little hockey in school. I got involved in flying model aircraft in about 1988/1989 and have participated several times at the national championships for my discipline, have served several terms as sport organiser for my club, and one term at a national chairman level of an emerging discipline. I have run several small national radio-control aircraft websites and I beleive this website has been a long time coming, and now it is here. Feel free to contact me with any questions via the form on the website." - Warren Gardiner